How to Apply

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Detail Proposal: submit a copy in pdf format containing (Your Proposal should cover Detail plan of your business, ie:

  1. Purpose of Funds
  2. The firm’s unique strength (Core business proposition)
  3. The management team’s experience
  4. The growth potential of the business
  5. Present market scenario of your product/Services, your targeted portion of market.
  6. How much do you need?
  7. What will you do with it?
  8. When will you pay it back?
  9. How will you pay it back? (that is, where will the cash flow come from?)
  10. What if something goes wrong?
  11. Total cost with breakdown,
  12. Monthly revenue and expenditure,
  13. Cash flow statement,
  14. Break even chart,
  15. Profit and loss account of first year.
  16. Employment, Management and their Role
  17. Source of Supply
  18. Marketing and Distribution
  19. Competition